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Certified Catholic Cleaning Services

Help Us help you and the community. We offer many necessary DahlenIncLogo275x60services using men who are rebuilding their lives with ChrisCatholicServicesLogot. If you have any person we should consider for our Restoring Kitchens Through Christ program let us know. We are the only nationally recognized Certified Commercial Kitchen Exhaust company offering non profit discounts to all church related operations. Please prayerfully consider us for the 22 services we offer including:

  • Certified Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Churches and other Non Profit Organizations
  • Fire Suppression Systems:  Inspection, Service, Link Replacements and Repair
  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning,  Stoves, Grills, Fryers, etc…
  • Floor and Ceiling Cleaning
  • Parking Lot and Patio Power Washing
  • Outside Building Walls, Wooden Decks, and Wooden Fence Power Washing

Our Advice on Certified Cleaning

We are active members of the Catholic communities of

St. Matthias,  


St. Peter (KW),  

Catholic Student Center (Wash U)

We look forward to Professionally serving your Commercial Kitchen and Other Cleaning Needs

Joe and Grainne Dahlem

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