Your Choices

Your Choices

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  • We are the BEST of Both National & Small Friendly type Company
  • We have $5,000,000 Solid Insurance
  • We are Employee Owned
  • Our corporate structure is based on customer loyalty
  • We use up to date methods:
  • Our account managers who service your commercial kitchen have the latest equipment and have authority to customize your cleaning to exact  NFPA and IKECA  standards.

Our Advice on Certified Cleaning

  • We are comprehensive
  • Our national training and management team is based on a 100% lifetime ethical procedures
  • We resolve ALL problems
  • We have great products and consistent, fair, policies.
  • We are unique in the industry.
  • No one combines the best of both the large and small company models.
  • We work hard to do the Dirty Dangerous, Difficult & Disgusting with a SMILE.
  • Most small companies collapse after only 30 months!!

We are here for the long run,  Since 1979


  • Power washing/steam cleaning hood cleaning
  • Equipment restoration & repair
  • Kitchen exhaust inspection, cleaning & certification
  • Customized cleaning of your system at no extra cost

Spring cleaning + sidewalks + walls + floors + parking lots + roof areas + patios + grease containment areas + loading docks + entryways + garbage storage areas +gum + oil stains

  • You may know more about your system than anyone.
  • You can teach us your needs during out first three appointments.

We offer exceptional values for loyal customers who:
1.  Schedule and keep regular appointments.
2.  Let us personalize each job as professionals.
3.  Pay their bills on time.

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We also offer:

Rapid Response for Emergencies


We make and Keep Commitments
We are Affordable and  Accountable
Our families serve your families as neighbors


Please Remit Payments to:

Dahlem Inc. – AA Services of MO

1011 North Clay Ave.

ST. Louis, MO 63122

FEDERAL ID 43-1944702 MO CHARTER 499046
Proud Member of IKECA, MRA, and MISSOURI BBB